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Workshops and Convenings

Our most important role is to provide organizational and staff development support for charter schools (focused on single-site) led by leaders of color. The most effective way for us to reach everyone is through network events like workshops and convenings.

We host workshops at national or regional charter school conferences which provides us with a valuable opportunity to provide direct support on issues charter school leaders of color face in our core areas of focus — academic and behavioral supports, finance and operations, teacher development, innovation and fundraising.

In 2018, NCC hosted the first Leaders of Color Convening focused on developing a national advocacy agenda to advocate for and grow charter school leaders of color. Subsequent convenings will focus on various elements of the agenda.

2020 Workshops and Events Schedule

Date/Time Event Location Session Title
July 24, 2020 

12:30 – 6:30 PM (EST)

NCC Charter Leaders of Color Virtual Convening Learn More

Online. Register here.


Join National Charter Collaborative for a virtual convening, Radial Restart: A Convening for Charter Leaders of Color — for us, by us.
At a time when the symptomatic issues of oppression are felt across our social and political systems, we are called back to the root. During this event we will, as a community, focus on our most vulnerable students, seeking to create and share strategies to address the root causes of inequities magnified by COVID-19.  During this virtual gathering, you and your school leadership teams will have the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and build equitable restart supports that center your most vulnerable students.