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Workshops and Convenings

Our most important role is to provide organizational and staff development support for charter schools (focused on single-site) led by leaders of color. The most effective way for us to reach everyone is through network events like workshops and convenings.
We host workshops at national or regional charter school conferences which provides us with a valuable opportunity to provide direct support on issues charter school leaders of color face in our core areas of focus — academic and behavioral supports, finance and operations, teacher development, innovation and fundraising.
To ensure charter school leaders of color, their schools, students and families have representation in the national education ecosystem, NCC also partners with other organizations to host events focused on policy, action agendas, political actions, etc.

Consultancy Workshops Schedule

Our Consultancy Workshop series allows school leaders to share problems of practice in the areas of social emotional learning (SEL) and fundraising and development. During this time, school leaders will receive real time feedback on your reported problems of practice from other school leaders and subject-matter experts.
If there’s something happening at your school that would benefit from a thought partner or a problem of practice that you want to bring to this community, sign up below!
Date and Time Event Description Registration
March 17, 2021; 5:30-6:45pm EST  March SEL Consultancy Session  Implementing culturally responsive social-emotional learning strategies and practices, especially if teaching virtually, can come with a set of nuanced problems. Sign up for this month’s SEL Consultancy Session to pick apart problems and obstacles your school is wrestling with, whether you’re planning on implementation or focused on sustaining or codifying your practices!  Register
March 25, 2021; 5:30-6:45pm EST  March Fundraising Consultancy Session  A clear and compelling fundraising pitch that tells your school’s story, is monumental in fundraising. This month’s fundraising consultancy session focuses on crystalizing your pitch and frame your school’s story to describe your fundraising needs to funders.  Register
April 21, 2021; 5:00-6:15pm EST  April SEL Consultancy Session  TBA Register
April 29, 2021; 5:00-6:15pm EST  April Fundraising Consultancy Session  Building out a diverse funder network, whether local, state or national, comes with a set of challenges. In this session, share a problem of practice you’ve encountered in trying to build such a network to support your fundraising ventures!  Register
May 19, 2021; 5:00-6:15pm EST  May SEL Consultancy Session  To round out our SEL consultancy sessions, please bring any problems of practice you would like to address in order to start the 2021-2022 school year off strong!  Register
May 27, 2021; 5:00-6:15pm EST  May Fundraising Consultancy Session  To round out our fundraising consultancy sessions, sign up with a problem of practice that you would like to address in preparation for the fall semester!  Register